Junior High Halloween Dance


The 8th grade Science Club and their adviser, Mrs. Hiscox, sponsored a Halloween Dance on Saturday, October 21st, from 7 to 9 pm in the auxiliary gym. The dance was for all Lisbon junior high students and the ticket cost was $3. There was also a photo booth fundraiser by the Honors and Builders Club that cost $2 for pictures. Mrs. Beech and the cheerleaders also raised money working a concession stand at the dance.

The dance was a costume event and more than half of the students participated. Some of the best costumes include a big purple blueberry and a scary joker from a deck of cards. The dance was chaperoned by Mrs. Hiscox and her husband, Mr. Hiscox. The DJ was Scott Adams. The students danced all night and especially enjoyed the line dances. It was a great way for students to interact and have fun outside of class.

84 students attended the school dance, which was an overall great turnout. There was a lot of money raised for all of the fundraisers with the photo booth, concessions and dance. The eighth grade Science Club will use the fundraiser money for their field trip in the spring or for different science experiments. All of the students had a great night thanks to all of the hard work put into making this event happen.