Why do the Boy Scouts Want to Include Girls?


The Boy Scouts of America is the largest scouting organization in our country. Boy Scouts teach loyalty, trust, bravery, and helpfulness. These qualities help to make you a good person and teach you how to get along with people.  Recently, the Boy Scouts of America announced that they will allow girls to join the Boy Scouts.

The reason girls are now allowed to be members of the Boy Scouts, after over 100 years, is because some parents of girls think that the Girl Scouts are not as equal as the Boy Scouts. The two organizations are not the same, and the Boy Scouts’ Eagle Scout Award is a very prestigious award that sets it apart from the Girl Scouts. Some believe that in an all-girl scout group, girls flourish. Girls are said to really thrive in an environment where they can take risks, have challenges and experiment. This situation has had mixed reactions from many different groups, including the Girl Scouts and different women groups. The Girl Scouts responded to the Boy Scouts by saying only Girl Scouts have the expertise to give young women and girls the tools they need to succeed.

I agree with both sides to some extent. I think that girls being in the Boy Scouts is not a bad idea, but I see where the Girl Scouts are coming from by saying that the best environment for girls and young women is the Girl Scouts.