New Junior High Students – Jade and Paige Johnson


Jade and Paige Johnson moved to Lisbon from Salem City Schools. They said a smaller school would make it easier to know people and easier to get around. Jade and Paige like the students and teachers the most. They said they are much nicer and easier to talk to than they anticipated. When they get into high school, they are looking forward to joining Art Club and Publications, they love photography. In their free time, Jade and Paige like watching YouTube, hanging out with their friends, and listening to music.

The twin’s favorite class here at Lisbon is English with Mrs. Crawford, and their favorite teachers are Mrs. Crawford and Mrs. Wallace. When they are home, their favorite TV shows are Friends and/or other cartoon shows. Jade and Paige do not particularly like to read, so they do not have any favorite books. Jade and Paige said that it is easier to make friends here than they thought it was going to be, and that everyone here is so nice.