Cross Country Team


The cross country team is off to a great start this year. They are already more than halfway through their season, which started in July. They have quite a big group of runners this year, mostly made up of seniors. There are seven senior athletes: Annie Coleman, Alyssa Phillips, Mackenzie Sturgeon (girls team captain), Eva DeRuyter, Brian Dickson, Jacob Mundy (boys team captain), and Matthew Hull. This is the first year for both Alyssa and Eva. Many students in the past have joined cross their senior year because it helps keep you in great shape.

There have been many achievements this year including Marisa Spooner beating her time from last year by three minutes. Megan Chuldzinski and Brian Dickson have both won medals at many of the races, including the Invitational in the Park at East Palestine. All of the coaches agree that the team is doing very well and that all of the runners are dedicated and trying their best.