Senior Wills


The Class of 2017 will the underclassmen the following:

Anna Shasteen – My sister the strength to push past all of the drama, hard times and fake people. You got this Midget.

Kaitlyn Gorby – My sax skills to Cassie Brant.

Braeden Weyand – My spirit to Lauryn Todd.

Clint Reynolds – Peace and love to all of you.

Katelyn Wright – My optimism to Greggory and Gabby Wright.

Austin Myers – My system to Jacob Brown, keep bumpin.

Taylor Halstead – My baton to Madison Ketchum.

Douglas Davis -All of my absences to Brett Davis.

Taylor Felger – My sassy attitude to Riley Baughman and Chelsea Henderhan.

Makenzi Wilkes – All of my absences to my sister, Madison Wilkes.

Jessica Grimm – My confidence to wear sweatpants every day to my little sister, Sydney.

Anthony Gorby – My school skills to Nick Helman.

Zach Hicks – My broom flying skills to Jacob Brown.

Zach Davis – My head strong attitude to Jacob Brown.

Joey Dotson – My ping pong skills to Bergen Weyand.

  1. Rose – My parking skills to Cody Rose.

Colin Sweeney – My all to every one of my friends.

Olivia Wagner – My fanny pack to Grant Frederick and Cade Zimmerman.

Taylor Swabey – My learning skills and funny stories to Skylar and Geno Swabey.

Brittany Downard – My invisible zipper to my sister when she doesn’t know when to stop talking.

Noah Barnes – My pitching skills to Mason Rance.

Anastasia Cushman – My passion for music and flagline to the whole marching band and my flag line squad.

Mackenzie Mason – My left hand to Maddie Liberati.

Morgan Germanovich – My dancing skills to the dance line.

Jason Thompson – My common sense to every class below me.

Marcus Nenichka – My arm to Chubby.

Hailey McVay – “Zilla” to Maddie Liberati and Izzy Perez.

Kylee Culp – My brush to Abby Davis.

Aliyah Leyman – My “secret spot” to my sister Liv.

Samantha Smith – this advice to the underclassmen, let new adventures begin.

Julia Frenzel – My killer looks and makeup skills to Jenna Frenzel and Samantha Shasteen.

Catherine Wallace – My love for softball to the entire team.

Spencer Crosser – My drumsticks to Cameron Rife and Julez.