Feminists Speaking Out


Feminism is the theory of the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes. Feminist activism is the struggle for equality of these core beliefs. Basically, this means that women want equality, including equal pay and equal rights. Feminists want equal pay because presently there is a gender pay gap, where men are being paid more for doing the same amount of work that women are doing.  Although this is still happening today, women have come a long way from how things used to be in 1920 when they gained the right to vote.

Recently, being a feminist has blown up and women have been showing that they are not giving up on equality. I think social media has helped a lot with allowing women to get their message out there. More people are joining in with the feminists’ movement and taking a stand for equality. This involvement varies from the little things, like not shaving or wearing makeup, that some people think women are “supposed” to do, to even bigger things, like the women’s march on Washington that was recently held. As many as half a million people gathered in Washington to participate in this march.

I think that every person should have equal rights and also have the right to peacefully protest. Feminism is helping people more than it is hurting anyone. Women, and some men, are fighting for equal rights for women. If you keep pushing, you will see results, which is the goal of the feminists’ movement.