Get Out – Movie Review


Get Out was one of the season’s biggest hits in the movie industry. People were raving over it. Get Out was given 8.3/10 on IMBd and a 99% on Rotten Tomatoes. People are questioning if it will be a nomination for an award in the upcoming award shows. The run time for the movie is an hour and forty four minutes. It was released on February 24, 2017. Director, Jordan Peele, did an amazing job with this movie.

The main characters are Daniel Kaluuya, as Christopher Washington, and Allison Williams as Rose Armitage. They are two great picks for this film. They are captivating and portray the plot well. The movie is a huge success partly because of these characters.

Chris and Rose are a couple on their way to Rose’s parents when they hit a deer. When they get to Rose’s parents, everyone acts strange. The parents, Missy and Dean Armitage, are played by actors Catherine Keener and Bradley Whitford. There is a staff of people working at the house that cook and clean and appear to be living back during the segregation and slavery days. The movie has a lot of hidden signs throughout the film, including the servants covering their foreheads. If you go to see the movie, be sure to watch for some more hidden signs.