Activity Ideas if Staying Home for Spring Break


There are not a lot of outside activities to do in Ohio during spring break, considering that it’s usually not very warm. However, there are some activities to do, if you are willing to spend a little money.

One activity is ice skating, there is The Ice Zone in Boardman. You can pay to rent your skates and a fee to skate. In total, it should not cost more than $20 to skate. They have recently made a new addition to The Ice Zone, a trampoline park!

You may want to try a trampoline park. There are multiple trampoline parks around here in Boardman and Niles. They have trampolines built into the floor to jump on, foam pits, and even laser tag was recently added to the trampoline park. You may pay for a 30 minute or hour long jumping session, and you also have to get a special pair of socks to jump, which can be purchased at the counter.

You may also like to try roller skating. The closest place to skate near Lisbon is the Salem Fun Factory, but there also is The Skate Zone in Austintown. You have to pay an admission fee and skate rental fee, just like at The Ice Zone. They also have laser tag and play music for you to listen to while you skate.

You could go to the movies, there are multiple theaters in Salem and Boardman. If you don’t want to spend money, you can just stay home and watch a movie with your friends. If it’s not too cold out, you could play basketball at the park for free. You could also just get a group of friends together and play a game of kickball. So this spring break, even if you are not going on vacation to somewhere warm and sunny, be creative and make some fun memories!