Lindsey Richards and her Chickens


Lindsey Richards is a junior at David Anderson. She is 16 years old and loves chickens. She loves chickens so much that she raises them! Lindsey started buying chickens to raise about three years ago. She decided to start raising chickens when she found out that you can enter them in 4H to win ribbons and other things. Lindsey has competed in the county fair ever since.

Lindsey has two chickens as of right now, but throughout the year she can buy a total of 15. She would buy more but the coop only holds 20 chickens. One of Lindsey’s chickens is named Jake, who got the name from Lindsey’s grandpa. Jake is really red, big and has black spots. Lindsey’s other chicken is named Butterball because of her color. She is all white but sometimes she looks yellow. Butterball was just a random chicken that was walking around the neighborhood so Lindsey decided to take her in and raise her.

A typical day for Lindsey on the farm is about the same day that you have with your cat or dog. She lets the chickens roam around the yard all day, feeds them and then puts them back in their coop in the evening so nothing happens to them. Lindsey tried walking her chicken on a harness once but it was too stubborn and the chicken ended up walking her instead.