American Red Cross Blood Drive


The American Red Cross Blood Drive is an annual event that is held here at Lisbon David Anderson in the auditorium. Students over the age of 16 are allowed to come and donate a pint of blood as long as they meet the qualifications. Some of these qualifications are parent consent, weight and height. If students aren’t feeling well, they will not be able to donate that day. However, they can reschedule their appointment and donate at a later time.

Even though the blood drive is mainly ran by the American Red Cross, members of the Health Careers Club also help with scheduling and registration. Every year there is a goal to how many pints of blood get donated. This year the goal was 29 pints. If the goal is reached, there is a chance for a scholarship. This year 26 pints were donated. Although we were only 3 pints away from a scholarship opportunity, we still helped save lives and touched the lives of 78 people.