Does Class Size Matter?


All over the U.S. a common argument is over class size. Some people agree that smaller classes provide a better learning environment, while some people disagree.

People that think small class size matters have many valid reasons. One reason is small classes provide a better learning environment because the teacher has more time to individually help students. Small classes make it easier for teachers to examine the students and see how they are learning. With small classes, studies have shown that students learn moreĀ and earn better grades than classes with large amounts of students.

But some people think that small classes are not as good as large learning environments. The first reason is that large classes provide more competition in the classroom, which pushes students to do their best. In large classrooms, students get better experience with talking in front of larger groups of people, which will prepare them for all sorts of different situations later in life. Large classrooms are also a better preparation for college settings.

My opinion is that smaller classrooms are better. With small classrooms teachers can better see who is struggling and help more efficiently. I think large classes are hard to deal with and there is less individual learning.