No Prom Date – Don’t Stress About It


The big event in high school each year is prom. No matter freshman or senior, everyone gets so excited. When you are a freshman or sophomore you have to hope that you are asked by an upper classman, and when you are an upper classman you worry about who you are going to ask. But if you do not have someone to ask or if the person that you wanted to ask already has a date, do not stress about it.

Some people thinks that if you do not have a date for prom then your night will be ruined, but that is not true. At the parade of fashions, you can still walk and have anyone escort you around the gym. No one will notice that he/she is not your real date. You should still get all dolled up and look your best. A date is not what should make you feel like royalty, you should feel like royalty because you are.

You should focus on yourself because you will remember these dances for a very long time. You have the freedom at this dance to be yourself, dance with whomever you want and make the most of such a fun dance. You have all the time to hang out with your friends and not worry about losing your date or not including them in all of the time. Spending time with your friends is way better than taking someone that is a bump on a log that will be no fun. During prom everyone deserves to have the time of their life and do not let worrying about some date ruin it for you.