YSU Physics Olympics Competition


The YSU Physics Olympics is a gathering of local high school students in a competition designed to strengthen the mind, demonstrate physics in applied settings, and to have fun. Several schools competed in many different activities and events throughout the day. Lisbon David Anderson came in a close second to Hickory High school. Lisbon placed in eight out of twelve total events at the competition. Seth Davis and Michael French came in second in “Flying Machine”. Derek Joy and Aaron Kemats placed third in “Faraday”. Catelynn Frantz came third in “Hang Up”. Jake Liberati and David Toot placed first in “Phloater”. Bailey McCullough and Michael French also came in first in “Cards”. Lindsey Chuldzinski and David Toot came in third in “Hot Water”. Lindsey Chuldzinski, Julie Muntean, and Aaron Kemats took second in “Music”. Aaron Kemats, Derek Joy, and Lindsey Chuldzinski placed third in “Quiz”. Overall, it was a great day for the Blue Devils.