National Honor Society Induction Ceremony


On March 20, 2017 the National Honor Society welcomed their new inductees. There were 20 juniors that were inducted during the ceremony. The new inductees were: Branson Brownfield, Alyssa Chestnut, Hannah DeLand, Eva DeRuyter, Brian Dickson, Megan Graham, Matthew Hull, Erika McCoy, Jacob Mundy, Caitlin Parks, Sarah Perry, Michael Simms, Natalie Spencer, Mackenzie Sturgeon, Cameron Summers, Kimberly Temple, Samantha Tinsley, Lauryn Todd, Sarena Underwood, and Kimberlee Wiggers.

The ceremony began with the opening remarks given by Lindsey Chludzinski. The inductees were then introduced by Catelynn Frantz, Jacob Liberati, and Julie Muntean. As they made their way to the stage, David Toot placed a stole on each inductee and they received a candle from Seth Davis. Following this, Courtney Tolson, Aaron Kemats, Derek Joy, and Seth Davis explained the characteristics that each inductee needs to uphold as a NHS member. The characteristics are scholarship, service, leadership, and character.

The ceremony was concluded with the lighting of the candles. One of the members caught their paper on fire, but it was a good laugh for everyone. After each candle was lit, the new inductees recited the NHS Pledge and extinguished their candles.