Do Standardized Test Show Students Full Potential?


Over the past decade, state standardized tests have become more and more popular. There has been many different tests that have been passed through the state of Ohio. For example there was the OAT, OAA, OGT, PARCC, and the AIR tests. These tests consisted usually of reading, math, and science and were over 40 questions long per subject. Students would sit in a classroom for about 2 hours with one short break in the middle. These tests were used to see how students are progressing and how schools were teaching.

When you get into high school, you take the ACT. The ACT is a test that is given 6 times a year. Colleges use ACT test scores to evaluate candidates for acceptance. The question is, do these tests show your full potential? I asked 30 DAHS students if they thought they tested at their very best on these standardized tests. 37 out of 40 said that they did not test well. That’s 93%. Some students said that they get testing anxiety before testing and go blank when answering questions. Students feel rushed to complete these tests and don’t have enough time to do their very best on all of the questions.

I agree that these tests do not show students full potential. I think colleges should not base their acceptances on ACT scores. Students are rushed and don’t have enough time to do their best. Getting into college is one of the most important steps in life and I think it’s unfair for students who do not test well.