Girls Junior High Basketball Update


The 7th grade Girls Basketball team has had a great season this year with a 4-2 winning record. Alison Bell is the head coach of the team. Coach Bell has had other positions coaching for the Junior High here at DAHS and also for an AAU basketball team named the Ohio Lakers. As a coach she believes that you always need to be positive, most importantly during the game. She likes to look at the positive things that the girls do throughout the game. She says that she does not focus on the score but only on the actions of the girls. Alison loves when she can witness girls step out of their comfort zone and realize they can succeed in what they are doing. Her top two scorers are Tabby Ketchum and Justyce Vrable. Throughout the season the girls have improved the most on their passing to open girls and looking up the court.

The 8th grade Girls Basketball team has also had a good season with a 5-4 record. Sarah Boyd is their head coach. Ms. Boyd has also coached the 7th grade team during the 2014-2015 season. She loves being around the girls and cares about each and every single one of them. She really hopes that she is giving the chance for every girl to love the sport just as much as she does. During games, no matter what, she always keeps an upbeat, positive energy going throughout the team. She makes sure that the girls know it is okay to make mistakes and when they correct their mistakes or make a big play, she makes sure that they know how proud she is of them. Her lead scorers are Corime Freeman, Kaity Clark and Callie Steed. Each and every girl on the team has improved greatly in every aspect of their game. Their hard work and dedication has paid off.

Overall both junior high teams have had solid seasons. The coaches are very proud of what they have accomplished on and off the court.