Aliyah Leyman and Her Singing Talent


Aliyah Leyman is a senior at David Anderson High School. She has a gift that not many people share. She has a wonderful voice, or as some would say, the voice of an angel. Aliyah has been singing since she was about 2 years old. It does not run far in the family, but she clearly gets it from her mother, Tiffany Toot, who is a 2nd grade teacher at McKinley Elementary. She found out she had a good voice by just singing and people telling her that they liked what they were hearing.

Throughout the years, Aliyah has taken singing lessons here and there with a few instructors, mostly when she was younger. She mainly enjoys the genre R&B and the artists Beyoncé, Adele and Alicia Keys. Although her favorite song is Love on the Brain by Rhianna, she loves to sing to Adele, which is her favorite artist.

Aliyah is not the type to get embarrassed or nervous easily. But sometimes when it comes to singing that is a different story. She sings the national anthem at home basketball games, but does not dare get nervous there. She gets more on the nervous side when she is singing in front of her peers, like at the talent show, which she participated in before. She does not have any specific type of warm ups before she performs, she is just always ready to go!

Ever since Aliyah was a little girl, she has always had that superstar dream. She has always wanted to grow up and be a famous singer. After she graduates high school, she will further her education at Cleveland State University. Cleveland State offers internships with Playhouse Square and Aliyah hopes to pursue her singing career there.