Self-Driving Vehicles


Are self-driving vehicles the future of transportation? Most people may think so. These programmed vehicles are made to drive on their own so you can sit back and enjoy the ride. Google began building the self-driven vehicle in 2009 and its first driverless ride was in 2015. Some may think this is the best invention ever, but I think otherwise.

I would much rather have complete control of my own car than have a programmed car drive me around. I do think this is the future of transportation but I could not fully trust a self-driven car. Some may argue that there is nothing that could go wrong with a car driving itself and take you where you need to be without doing anything. I think this is for all the lazy people out there that do not want to do anything.

I think self-driven vehicles are a bad idea and that it will not be as big of a thing as people may think. There are a lot of negatives about these cars and if you actually care about your life, you would not let a computer control it. Self-driving vehicles will be a cool new thing for high tech people at first. After the car starts causing more crashes, the people who made these cars will quickly go out of business.