A Dog’s Purpose – Movie Review

A Dogs Purpose - Movie Review

A Dog’s Purpose, the movie, is about this little boy who gets a dog, and then they become best friends. As the boy and the dog both grow older, the dog passes away. The dog then comes back as another dog, and again, and again. Eventually the dog comes back and meets back up with the boy again, who is now a man with a family. The movie was supposed to come out January 27, 2017. The movie is one hundred and twenty minutes long. It was directed by Lasse Hallstrom. The main characters were played by Dennis Quaid as Ethan as an adult, K. J. Apa as Ethan as a teenager, and Bryce Gheisar as young Ethan.

The movie was actually a book before it was put onto the screen. The author W. Bruce Cameron, wrote a series, A Dog’s Purpose and then A Dog’s Journey. It was a New York Best Seller for a year straight. With the book being brought to life, A Dog’s Purpose joined up with Best Friends Animal Society. Universal studios is also pleased to match all donations up to $25,000.

People were raving about going to see this movie. But something might have changed everyone’s mind. A video clip of a scene in the movie was released January 19, 2017 of a terrified German Shepard who was pushed into a pool of turbulent water. People are now shaming film directors and the majority of the people who are involved with the movie. No one knows for sure how this clip was caught and brought to people’s attention yet.   The movie release date and premiere has now been postponed for the time being.