Bruno Mars 24k Magic Album Review

Bruno Mars 24k Magic Album Review

Hello everyone! Lisbon’s busiest music nerd is back for a review on Bruno Mars’ New record 24K Magic. Bruno Mars, for those of you who don’t know, is an award winning singer-songwriter, delivering his 3rd LP following the successful album Unorthodox Jukebox. Bruno has proved himself to make success off of old sounds and styles, reimagining them into modern pop music. This is yet again carried through 24K Magic.

The Album kicks off with the lead single and title track 24K Magic. It comes at you loud, fast and fun. That’s the best way this track can be described. Bruno has a very strong vocal delivery, almost in a spoken word sense. The arpeggiated synths and fat chords bring me back to the 80’s with Pet Shop Boys or Thompson Twins. This track sets the standard high for what Bruno has left in the album.

This is the “reinventing the wheel” I talked about earlier, how he is bringing back old musical aesthetics and making them modern. This leads us into the second track Chunky. I enjoy the chill vibes this song puts out, and his vocals are quite humorous. Bruno is talking about his appreciation for the booty, and I can agree with where he comes from in the song. Ha. The funk and fun flows well the entire time in this song.

Bruno keeps his variety in songwriting very well in the 3rd track Perm and the 4th track That’s What I Like. In Perm we see a different style of delivery, in a Michael Jackson fashion, and in the latter, we go back to the chill vibes. Two decent tracks to keep the flow going.

Of course, this album has its fair share of slow songs. Versace on The Floor, for instance, is in a nice ballad fashion. But where it throws me off is in the vocals. The vocals, obviously being very sexual, make the song more comedic than anything. While the song writing is good, it is hard to get past the comedic aspects of the album. Maybe I am just immature in that regard. I don’t know, I am just a critic.

This has definitely been a very large transition in Bruno’s style and I have to say, I am very pleased with what he is accomplishing here. He makes the album almost hipster, I say almost very strongly. It still carries many modern song writing elements in the production, lyrics and sometimes the songwriting. I absolutely recommend you check out this record, it’s fun, it’s silly and overall, it’s some pretty solid music. I am going to give this album a strong 7 out of 10.

Let me know what you think! Did you love it? Hate it? What should I review next?