Athletes Pregame Routines


There are many athletes who believe in superstitions to bring good luck upon them and their teammates. For example, Bears All-Pro linebacker, Brian Urlacher eats two chocolate chip cookies before every game. I interviewed some of the students at Lisbon to find out what they do to prepare for their games; what foods and drinks they have, what the players do before the game or any superstitions they follow. When asked what they do before a game, they told me that they go to one of the team member’s house to relax. Some players like to get their homework done before going to their games. The Touchdown Club provides them with different things to eat such as Chick-fil-a, subs, Chipotle, and pizza. Water and Gatorade are common beverages for almost any athlete to keep them hydrated.

Some of the superstitions I found out from the students were very unique. One player wears the same “underoos” every game. He made it a point to say that they are washed after each game. Another athlete I interviewed wears the same socks each game. One sock is blue and red and the other sock is blue camo. This player also doubles his socks. The last student told me that she wears a Nike sweat band on her right arm. All of these players believe that these things will help them be successful.