Watch What You Tweet


As social media is rapidly growing, employers, colleges, coaches, and so many more, first check people’s social media before hiring or offering scholarships. Through my recruiting process I have learned to “Watch what you tweet.” Once you post something on social media it is there forever and can be found even if you delete it.

Over 78 % of U.S Americans have a social media profile of some type. Colleges are known to pull people’s scholarships or not offer them at all due to immature/ inappropriate social media posts. There is so much more that goes into getting recruited besides just the sports aspect. They analyze your character, maturity, leadership and then athletic ability.

Coach Hill at Waynesburg University told me that the first thing he does when recruiting a kid is go on and look at all of their social media. He stated, “Don’t post anything you wouldn’t want your grandma to read.” Assistant baseball Coach Bryan Peters from Pitt told me several stories about how their Division I program has pulled many scholarships due to kid’s social media.  Applications now for both colleges and jobs ask for your social media names to go on and look at before hiring. People feel as if they are invincible behind their phone and computer screen. With advances in technology, people can go on google and search somebody else’s name and the first thing that pops up will be there social media links because it is all connected and can be accessed. So watch what you Tweet!