The NEW Lisbon Varsity Basketball Team


For the past few years the varsity basketball team for Lisbon has had the same faces and same starters for the entire season.  The starters were all seniors and have graduated, leaving five completely new starters and men coming off the bench now for this new Lisbon team. The New starters are Colin Sweeney, Justin Sweeney, Seth Stokes, Bailey McCullough, and Douglas Minor. Off the bench is Grant Frederick, Branson Brownfield, Noah Barnes, and Jacob Mundy.

The style they play is faster and more upbeat than it has been in the past. The team is very athletic. The previous years were more organized and conservative. All of the area teams are thinking that this is there chance to come in and beat Lisbon. They all think that this team is not even close to as good as last year’s team. The media is wondering how the team is going to adjust to all new kids playing at the varsity level. They lack experience with starting a game and playing at a different level of intensity.

What’s next for this basketball team is whatever they make of it. They will be a team to be threatened with this season. This is due to the style of play, even as they lack bigger men to fill the spots. The record so far this season is 2-1, starting off winning their first two games and losing their 3rd. The team looks determined and very energetic. They have started off the season showing their fast skills, but have yet to convince anyone that they are the best with starters switching and difficulties with injuries. The new Lisbon varsity basketball team has been getting great feedback from the press.  As the season continues, they are looking strong at rebuilding to have an epic season.