Junior High Girls Basketball


So far the junior high girls basketball team has started off the season with one win against Southern Local and one loss. There are 16 regular season games scheduled this year. The seventh grade coach is Coach Alison Bell and the eighth grade coach is Coach Sarah Boyd. Both coaches hope to go far this season.

Coach Bell said that she hopes the girls continue to learn the fundamentals of the game and improve their ball handling and shooting skills. But most of all she hopes they all walk away with improved confidence and leadership skills. Some strengths of her team are that they have good speed and basketball knowledge. The girls understand the game very well and react quickly. The main weakness that her team has is the size or the team. With only 6 girls it will be a challenge to stay out of foul trouble and stay rested while still playing hard.

Coach Boyd said that she hopes the girls can have fun and learn something while doing it. Her goal is to prepare the girls for high school basketball next year. But of course, winning is always fun too! Some strengths of the eighth grade team are their speed, ball handling, shooting, defense, communication, and attitude. The girls don’t only have talent, but they are always very positive and eager to learn and improve themselves. One of their weaknesses is that they struggle with passing. Coach Boyd is glad to have the opportunity to coach nine kind and talented girls and is excited to for the season to start.

The junior high girls next game is on Monday, December 12th at Western Reserve. Both coaches think that they are going to do very well this season and be very competitive. They both expect great things and couldn’t ask for better groups of girls to coach.