How to Beat Boredom this Winter Break


This winter break we have 11 days off of school to celebrate the holidays. What do you do on these days off? How do you beat boredom? You can spend quality time with your family over break. With our busy schedules with sports and school work, making time to visit with your family can be hard. Every Christmas there is usually new movies that come out around or on Christmas. Going to the movies with your friends or family is a good way to get out of the house. Everyone loves to hang out with their friends. Over break you can spend some time with your friends and go do things that you enjoy.

One of the best parts of the holidays is the food! Everyone loves holiday treats including cookies, cakes, pies, egg nog, and many other treats. Baking is a really fun way to beat boredom, there is so many different recipes to try.  Baking is a good way to pass time and it’s also really fun!

If you’re really bored over break, why not pick up a good book? Reading is a wonderful way to escape boredom and make time fly by and there is endless books to choose from. If weather permits, you can try out some snow sports! There is snowboarding, skiing, even sled riding. All of these are very fun and great to try at least once. These are a few good ideas of ways to spend your break, everyone have a fun and safe winter break!