My Shoe Collection


I’m Cade Zimmermann. I have a problem, a shoe problem. Many people know that I own a couple pairs of shoes, but they don’t know that I own almost 30 pair of shoes. The prices range from $70 to almost $300. I don’t wear most of my shoes to school…or at all. My shoe addiction started when I was younger and saw a Jordan 5. This wasn’t a crazy hyped shoe, I just liked it. It was a “Grape 5.” This was the day that I fell in love with shoes. It was that day that little Cade told himself that I would own a Jordan 5, before I died, no matter what it took.

Ten years later I got a summer job. Little did I know that there was a Jordan 5 rerelease that summer. So when I read about it, I actually started to care. I actually cared about work, I wanted to be there, and I wanted to work. All because of a pair of shoes. I went to the mall the day I got paid and looked in four stores and they were all sold out. The last store I went in had one last pair. 1 LAST PAIR. I was extremely happy. I asked to see if they had a size 11. They came out with a size 10.5. For $255 I bought a pair of Jordan 5’s that were a half size too small. I’m not going to lie, I don’t regret it what so ever.

When people find out I have a collection, they ask me about my favorite pair. It is the Jordan 5’s I bought. My top five favorite pairs are as follows: 1. Jordan 5, 2. Kobe 10, 3. LeBron 10 low purple, 4. LeBron 10 low green, 5. Adidas ZX Flux. My favorite brands are Nike or Jordan. As far as athletes’ shoes, I like LeBron and Kobe shoes the most. At first, I didn’t like Adidas shoes but I saw a pair of ZX Fluxes for $40 so I bought them and figured I would give them a try. So I did and I like them. Now all I can do is buy, sell, and trade my shoes.