Wish List for Christmas


In today’s day and age most students want the newest and best technology. Some of the most asked for gifts this holiday season are new phones, laptops, smart watches and tablets. Some other popular items the students are asking for are accessories for their phones, like cases.

Aside from technology, popular gifts this Christmas include jewelry, pillows, board games, and DIY kits. The jewelry is personalized with names and birthstones. Students want pillows that are made in shapes of emoji’s or with cool designs and personalization like names and initials.  Board games are also making a comeback when getting together with family. The DIY kits are “Do it yourself” kits that let you make your own crafts.

At Lisbon Jr. High School, the 6th graders were asked to write down what they wanted for Christmas. The majority of the students want some new form of technology, ranging from a new game, new gaming system, laptop, iPhone or galaxy phone. In fact, 23 out of the 30 students had some form of technology on their wish list. Other gifts included suitcases, rubix cubes, apparel and miscellaneous school necessities.

Students also asked for happiness to come to their families, wishing for them to get along better and to be happy. Others also asked for their families to just spend time with each other. Hopefully, all the students will make some great memories over the holiday season. Here’s wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!