Christmas and Holiday Music – Band and Choir Concert

Christmas and Holiday Music - Band and Choir Concert

There will be a Christmas band and choir concert on December 14, 2016. The junior high band will begin 6:30pm in the evening, followed by the high school concert band beginning at 7:00pm, then the choir at 8:00pm. There will be a variety of songs played between the band and choir. The whole production will be directed by Mr. Scott Miller. He has directed band shows before, but this is his first year as the choir director. Mr. Miller states that it is a challenge, but he really enjoys working with Lisbon’s talented high school students and appreciates the efforts they make in working on certain techniques and improving their voices.

There are thirty-seven students in the choir this year, including seven senior students. There are seventy students in the band, also including five seniors. There is a concert choir and a show choir. The show choir dances while they sing.

The seventh and eighth grade band will play various Christmas songs and holiday arrangements. The high school band will play “Flourishing Noel,” “The Nightmare before Christmas,” “How the Grinch Stole Christmas,” and selections from the Nutcracker. The concert choir will sing “Tis the Season” and “Lullaby Noel.” The show choir will sing “Still a Bach Christmas” and “Can Santa Make it Through Tonight?” Mr. Miller’s favorites from all the songs including the pieces the band will play from the Nutcracker, and the choir’s “Can Santa Make it Through the Night?” Mr. Miller chooses songs that the students and the audience will enjoy. He also thinks about the arrangements where students will be successful at playing or performing, and teaching valuable musical concepts. The concert should be very entertaining!