Musician – Spencer Crosser


Spencer Crosser, as you all know, is such an amazing musician. He goes from pepping you up at football games and pep rallies, to messing around in the band room and just blowing you away with the music that he creates. Since Spencer was just a young boy he has been into music. He loves listening to music with his father and that is where he found his enjoyment for electronic music. Simple noises like beeps all the way to synthesizers, sequencers, and drum machines, all make Spencer fall more in love with music

As Spencer has grown up over the years he has developed a love for one certain instrument, which is the pipe organ. When Spencer speaks of pipe organs his face just lights up. He explains that you can virtually make any sound to demonstrate and express your feelings and tone.

Spencer has a primary section that he keeps his focus on and that is the percussions section. He keeps his focus on keyboard, timpani and drum set. His love for the drum set started around the age of five when he got his first drum set. Today, at the age of 18, Spencer still owns that drum set. Although he can no longer fit that drum set and play it, he still likes to put it up to reminisce on where his love first started.

Spencer plans on pursuing his musical career at YSU. He plans on staying in the area to give back to the community because everyone here has been so helpful to him. Spencer has loved music his whole life, it has brought so many great people into his life and he has made wonderful connections. He can play over eleven different instrument groups. Spencer’s career in music is just beginning and the people of Lisbon could not be more proud of him, and cannot wait to see where he goes in life.