Full Dark, No Stars – Book Review


Full Dark, No Stars, by Stephen King, ties perfectly in with the Halloween season. This book is considered a horror type book and is only for the people who can stand a little scariness. Stephen King creates the plot around old western times mixed in with the 21st century. He writes the story with suspense and creativity that gives you the chills.

This story is about a farmer and his son. They go through a great ordeal together, but have to keep it hidden from everyone. The farmer murders his wife, and brainwashes his son into doing it with him. They have an old well that they put the mom in and try to cover it up from the world. This story puts the reader at the end of their seat and reading for hours. It creates a sense of mystery and the reader will want to find out if they ever get caught or what happens to the son.

Stephen King has written 55 novels, 200 short stories, and has written countless numbers of poems. His style of writing has people speechless and wanting to read more and more. This story is a prime example of a book you cannot put down.