Mr. Church – Movie Review


Mr. Church is a movie about a girl named Charlie, her mother and their cook. Mr. Church cooks for Charlie and her mom. He came to cook at their house because the guy Charlie’s mom was with, passed away and paid Mr. Church to cook for Charlie and her mom. It was only supposed to be for six months because Charlie’s mom was dying of cancer, but those six months turned into six years. After Charlie’s mom died, Charlie ends up going to the college of her dreams with the help of Mr. Church. He saved enough money all those years to send her. While she is away at college she gets pregnant and comes back to stay with Mr. Church. She ends up staying with Mr. Church, even after she has her baby girl, until one day he gets sick and passes away.

In the movie, Eddie Murphy plays the role of Mr. Church. He is more than just a cook to Charlie and her mom. Mr. Church is given enough money to cook for them, buy groceries, and pay their bills for only six months. After those six months are up, until the mom dies, Mr. Church pays for all those items by himself. Even after Charlie’s mom passes away, he is there for Charlie and her baby until he passes away. Charlie, who is played by Britt Robertson, grows up with a dying mom and a cook who is a stranger. As she gets to know Mr. Church, she becomes very comfortable with him and looks up to him. After her mom died, he is the reason she gets to go to college and he is the only person she has when she gets pregnant. Charlie stays with him and is taken care of by him.

Mr. Church has some good and bad ratings. The movie was rated 7.7/10 on IMDb. A 15% out of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. A 1 out of 4 stars on Roger Ebert reviews. “One can only speculate why Eddie Murphy would choose to end his four-year hiatus from the big screen with the extremely misguided interracial drama Mr. Church,” states Odie Henderson. But then Henderson compliments the movie, “If this were an attempt to secure a second Oscar nomination after his well-deserved one for Dreamgirls, he’s barking up the right tree.”

Mr. Church is a great movie that keeps you wanting more. It is very sad when Mr. Church passes away because you know the movie is going to be over very soon and you do not want it to be. Just make sure whenever you watch this heart felt movie you have a box of tissues next to you.