Student Leadership Summit


The Student Council and Student Senate, which is led by Mrs. Smith, recently went to a summit at Kent State University. The sophomore students that attended were Hailee Carpenter, Karsyn Faulk, Justin Sweeney, Logan Bell, Kenedy Vrable, Cadee Johnson, Chloe Smith and Emme Powell. Most of these students worked the summit and helped the eighth and ninth graders. Some of the students helped as photographers, while others helped Lexie Hura, a parent from Columbiana, package kits that she will take to Haiti in November to help those affected by Hurricane Matthew. The students took about fifty different items to the summit to contribute to this great project.

The eighth graders that participated were Blayne Brownfield, Kaity Clark, Chloe Davis, Julia Leko, Kyle Rohm, Phoenix Stephens, Jason Steves and Maddie Wells. The freshman that attended were Alivia Leyman, Izzy Perez, Madelyn Liberati, Tyler Toot, Lexie Gentry, Nicolas Mundy, Elycia Smith and Mychal Waugh. The eighth and ninth grade students participated in classroom activities and workshops. They did these with other eighth and ninth grade students from other schools around the county.

Mrs. Smith says that the students really enjoyed these activities, “The students worked really hard and gave really good feedback about what they learned in the classes.” The students enjoyed the Volunteer Agency Fair, where they met a lot of new people. They learned numerous leadership skills and became familiar with many agencies in the area. The students may help out some of these agencies as a community service project. This was a very good experience for the students. They learned a lot and had fun while doing it.