Junior High STEM Program


The junior high started a new program called STEM this year. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and math. The junior high students hope to design products for the future and innovate products to make them better or more helpful. The eighth grade will be participating in a program called “Believe in Ohio.”

The students hope to learn how to brainstorm ideas, solve problems and finally build their ideas. A big goal with this program is to help the students see that they can have an impact on the future. In this program they will be learning how to use the 123D design program to design and 3D print their ideas. They have already worked with designing smaller projects, such as team logos and sculptures. The students have also studied the importance of team work, as this program is team based. They are looking forward to seeing what they can create as a team.

One of the difficulties of this program is that it is new, not only new for the students, but also for the teachers. Everyone is learning together. Also, they sometimes have trouble connecting to the program. Students stated that it is sometimes hard to agree as a team and have patience with the program and each other. The students enjoy working in groups, getting to express their creativity and working with their hands for projects. Overall, the students seem to really enjoy the program.