Guitarist – Colin Sweeney


Colin Sweeney is a very talented individual. Colin spends some of his free time playing the guitar, as he has for quite a while now. Colin has been playing the guitar for nine years and can read music very well. He took guitar lessons at D.C. Music and has been interested in playing for as long as he has been able to play.

Colin’s favorite song, which if you listen to, sounds pretty difficult on a guitar is “Sweet Home Alabama.” A performer that Colin looks up to and is inspired by is Eddie Van Halen, a professional guitarist. Colin has performed for several different occasions such as at guitar lessons, church, concerts, talent shows, and for friends and family. This is not a hidden talent of his. Colin lets this talent flow free for anyone to know and is not very shy about it at all.

Colin continues to play his guitars and enjoy it, always trying to learn new songs.  He plays acoustic, electric, banjo, 12 string, and ukulele guitars, which is pretty impressive. We all know Colin Sweeney has talents, and now here is one more.