Junior High Halloween Dance


October 22, 2016 was the Jr. High Halloween dance here at Lisbon David Anderson High School. There were approximately 86 students that attended from grades six, seven and eight. All proceeds go towards the 8th grade Science Club, as this dance was a fundraiser.

The students had the option to dress up in costume for the occasion and about half of the students did so. The students in the costumes were the decorations, as the Science Club did not purchase any decorations. The Science Club is saving up money to go on a field trip this spring.

There were drinks and snacks available at the concession stand as a fundraiser for the freshman class. The students enjoyed going and just having fun, whether they spent time dancing or just hanging out with their friends. The Science Club had the option to buy the leftover roses from Key Club and sold them, which the students really enjoyed giving to their friends. The Jr. High Halloween Dance of 2016 was a success.