Chance the Rapper – Album Review

Chance the Rapper - Album Review

I believe Chance the Rapper is one of the best in the rap music culture today. His album, Coloring Book, is one of his best albums and the iTunes store’s best sellers in years.

Chance the Rapper is a very intriguing rapper and one of my favorites. He makes some pretty good music. His beats do not sound the same and he has a wide variety of vocabulary in his lyrics and makes them all flow together.

This album has some of Chance’s best sellers on iTunes, such as “All We Got,” “No Problems,” “Angels” and “All Night.” Needless to say, Chance the Rapper is one of the top five rappers in the past few years.

One of my favorite songs on this album is “No Problems”, featuring Lil Wayne and 2 Chaniz. In this music video, he is talking about how all of his old labels are trying to hold him back from becoming the greatest. So the point of this song is that he wants zero problems in his rap career.

Another one of my favorite songs is “Angels.” This song is a single and one of his best masterpieces. He is rapping about his hometown of Chicago, Illinois.

The album came out in 2012 exclusively on Apple Music before being released for the open market. “It was unclear how the project would fare on the Billboard 200 albums chart” said Angus Walker on

Coloring Book was streamed 57.3 million times via Apple Music. This is the equivalence to 30,000 album units. It had become the first ever album to make the top 10 by just being streamed.