Off Season Conditioning


All teams work out differently. The workouts focus on what areas need to gain strength while competing in a certain sport. The legs are the most used and most important area for all male/female athletics, which is why it is the most focused muscle group. Coaches here at Lisbon are very dedicated and strongly encourage weight training.  Athletics are very hard on your body so you have to train to be able to reduce injury and perform at your absolute best.

Weight training is monitored by coaches and adults to assure safety at all times. Volleyball, softball, baseball, track, basketball, football, and swimming are all activities that put a very high level of strain on joints, bones and muscles that weight training helps protect. The head coaches of every sport make certain their teams work out and get prepared for the season. During the season, workouts are more for maintaining and not losing all of the work put in the pre-season. The off season is focused on getting stronger, faster and prepared to take on the long season without injury.