Red Ribbon Week


The week of October 24th, 2016 was Red Ribbon Week at DAHS. The themes for this year were as follows:

Monday, October 24th was PJ Day

Tuesday, October 25 was Red Day

Wednesday, October 26th was Way Back Wednesday

Thursday, October 27th was Favorite Holiday

Friday, October 28th was Blue and White Day

The director of Red Ribbon week is junior high teacher, Mrs. Hiscox, and the Just Say No Club. The day most students dressed up was Friday for Blue and White Day, which also showed support to the football team. The day the students liked the most was PJ Day. It was their favorite day because they could be comfortable all day and did not have to get dressed in the morning.

When the students are asked what Red Ribbon Week means, the most replied answer was to be safe and not do drugs. Red Ribbon week was a big success, thank you to all the students who participated.