Lisbon School Levy on Ballot


The Lisbon school levy is a one percent earned-income levy that only affects people with a working income. Anyone who is on social security or is retired and drawing a pension from past employers, whether or not the pension plan is public or private, will not be affected. People living in Lisbon, but working outside of Lisbon, will have the one percent increase. Businesses in Lisbon are not affected by this levy, but the salaries of the Lisbon residents you employ will be affected. Property owners are not affected because this levy affects income, not property. The levy will not affect dividends derived from stocks and bonds because dividends are not considered working income.

The last Lisbon levy approved was in 1991, which was a property tax that lasted for 25 years. It expires at the end of 2016, so property taxes will go down starting in 2017. If this levy passes it will start in 2017 with the one percent on working income.

Lisbon students currently have the use of technology such as laptops, chrome books, and netbooks for the high school students. The elementary students have iPads, 3D printing, and stem programming for in class use. The levy is necessary because by law, Ohio schools cannot function with a deficit. It will keep the district solvent.