Mr. Bing – New Assistant Principal and A.D.


Over the summer there was some changes made at DAHS. Mr. Bing is the new DAHS athletic director and assistant principal. He said that it will be an adjustment not being in a classroom. Mr. Bing always loved the interaction with students as a teacher. He also had to give up coaching. Bing stated, “Coaching is something I have done most of my adult life and invested a lot of time into, now I cannot continue. Friday nights are hard on me, I will forever miss my coaching career.” Mr. Bing stated that he is the same Mr. Bing as he was before, “just a new job with new opportunities.”

Bing graduated Youngstown State University, where he received his bachelor’s degree. He earned his master’s degree online through Capella University. His favorite thing about being a part of the DAHS family is there is never a dull moment, every day is different. We all have certain qualities that assist us in standing out from everybody else and Mr. Bing’s favorite quality about himself is that he is very good at talking to people and listening. “You can learn a lot in this world and a lot about other people if you just close your mouth and listen.” Our staff here at DAHS is magnificent, friendly, and welcomes you in like family. Please welcome Mr. Bing in his new role as assistant principal and athletic director.