8th Graders Highlights of Summer


The 8th graders had very interesting summers. The highlights of what made their summers exciting and enjoying are shared here:

Jayce Frank- “I went to Coppers Town and saw the Baseball Hall of Fame.”

Blayne Brownfield- “Kalahari with friends.”

Jason Steves- “I went to the Carolinas and went shark fishing for a month.”

Adam Spencer- “My favorite thing about this summer was spending time with friends I don’t usually talk to.”

Ryan McCullough- “My highlight of the summer was being with my friends every day. It brought us all closer as a family.”

Jacob Smith- “Was at the pool all day.”

John Badger- “I played football last year.”

Colton Dean- “Moving here.”

Trey Wells- “When I got my first four-wheeler.”

Maddy Buchanan- “When I went to the Luke Bryant concert with my mom and friend.”

Abram Simms- “When I got my bike fixed and rode all day.”

Tanner Crosser- “New bike for my birthday and rode all day.”

Trenidy Barnes- “When I went to West Virginia to see my family members that I haven’t seen for 4 to 5 years.”

Erika Mamounis- “Joined soccer and played with all of my friends. I also went to see my aunt in Colorado.”

Austin Cook- “I would not stop running all summer and I was hanging out with my friends.”

Emma Thompson- “When I hit my first home run of the season.”

Mallory Gallo- “Going on vacation to Mississippi.”

Kaity Clark- “5 o’clock alarm softball tournament in Orville.”

Megan Chludzinski- “Going to Michigan with my church youth group to Camp CoBeAc.”

Madelyn Wells- “Starting volleyball practice.”

Taylor DeLand- “When I went to my dad’s house.”

Dustin Beadnell- “I shot a semiautomatic 50.cal.”

Brooke Jones- “Went to Chicago to see my brother graduate from navy boot camp.”

Kiana- “I played video games.”

Chris- “I rode my skateboard.”

Braeden- “Football started.”

Kyleigh- “I played my computer because I’m lazy.”

Kyle Rhome- “Camping, hanging out with my cousin and a bunch of juniors.”

Katelynn Vangiesen- “I went swimming with my best friend. I got really tan.”

Callie Steed- “One of my highlights this summer was going to New Jersey.”

Chloe Davis- “The highlight of my summer was going to the fair.”

Julia Leko- “One of my many highlights of the summer was going to Kennywood with all of my close friends.”

Leah Achberger- “I had a ton of highlights from my summer, but one of them is the fair.”

Stefani Thompson- “There were many but a big one was the fair.”

Gracie Baughman- “Hung out with friends.”

Kim Swanson- “Hung out with friends.”

James Mrugala- “Went camping and swimming.”

Tylor MeQuiston- “Went to an amusement park and played video games.

Olivia McCoy- “The highlight of my summer was going to Band Camp and getting new music.”

Grace Bell- “The highlight of my summer was spending an entire day at the Canfield Fair.”

Jackson Cornell- “The highlight of my summer was 3 weeks I spent at theater camp with a bunch of my friends.”

Garrett Medure- “The highlight of my summer was going to Niagra Falls.

Averyn Sheridan-“The highlight of my summer was hanging out with my boyfriend.”

Alexis Stover- “The highlight of my summer is playing on my computer and staying up all night.”

Kaiden Llewllyn- “Went Golfing”

Zane Tullis- “Went to a sprint car race at Sharon Speedway.”

Corinne Freeman- “Breathing.”

Jacob Grodhaus- “Supernats.”

Dillon Ardeno- “I went to King’s Island and Cedar Point.”

Brandy Achberher- “Getting to sleep in every day.”

Madison Adkins- “I got a new house.”

Brianna Simmons- “I spent almost all of my summer with Breana. We were either at her house or mine. We spent the summer laughing.”

Emma Lockhart- “I got to hang out with Asia. She has a trampoline and I got my front handspring. I had fun with Asia.”

Ellie Emmerling- “I went to my second year band camp. I also went on vacation down South.”

Aaron Hinchliffe- “I went to Aruba with my family, and I went to theater camp.”

Emily Armstrong- “I had all of my friends over for my birthday party.”

McKenzie Gentry- “I went to Emily’s birthday party and we all became best friends with her friend Giana.”

Breana Roberts- “I spent the whole summer with Brianna. We were always laughing at either her house or mine.”

Madison Myers- “I went camping. I went to Atlanta, Georgia to see my uncle.”

Kaleana Berg- “I saw my family in Florida.”

Nik Rife- “Went to Cedar Point with my family.”

Nathan- “I went to Florida.”

Blake Donaldson- “Stayed at a friend house.”

Tyler Brown- “I went fishing.”

Brett Davis- “I got first place racing my four-wheeler.”

Will Woods- “I didn’t have to go to school and I got to see and talk to my friends.”

Tyler Graham- “Playing baseball.”

Tyler Welsh- “Went to Eldora Motor Speedway (It’s a dirt track).”

Lorelei Phillips- “I went to Kalahari.”

Ralph Schreffles- “I went to a bike park.”

Austin Collins- “I went to my friend’s house and we went dirt bike riding. We went swimming too.”