Junior High Football


The Jr. High Football team is full of young and rising star athletes, such as Ryan McCullough, Brett Davis and RJ Shreffler. This year there are some familiar faces returning to Lisbon as coaches and role models, including Zak Leko, Danny Donohue and Dan Germanovich, as well the returning coaches Dom DeFilippo and Brian Seevers.

This team is unique in many ways. The coaches put it on the players to lead and to come together as one. When times get tough, they battle through the peaks and valleys as a whole team, which sets them apart from other teams in the area. All of the boys volunteered in the off season to work with the high school players in the weight room and to learn the new offense.

The offense runs smoothly with Ryan McCullough under center and an excellent backfield behind him. They push the ball up the field with Brett Davis being the power runner, RJ Shreffler and Jason Steves running around the outside, blocking for Brett, or on the scramble option. This allows Ryan to find a lane on the outside and explode down the field or complete the deep pass to Brayden Joy.

The defense is stellar. Even though they occasionally give up big plays, they also have the hard hitting ability to stop any offense in the ITCL. The defensive front is fairly decent and can find the ball easily and stop the ball carrier. The linebackers can pursue and make tackles from any side of the field at full speed, and the defensive backs create a no fly zone for the opposing offense. Overall, the junior high team is continuing David Anderson’s winning tradition.