Music Review of Travis Scott

Music Review of  Travis Scott

Hello Lisbon students! Lisbon’s busiest music nerd Spencer Crosser here to do a review on the new Travis Scott record Birds in the Trap Sign McKnight. Travis Scott, for those who do not know, is an American songwriter and producer who made quite a name for himself with his debut album – Rodeo. Rodeo was intense, it was loud but at the same time it could become boring and monotonous.

Unfortunately this carries into his sophomore album BITTSM, which is about 10 times as bad. The album, throughout, is just this low-fi, unimaginative mess. It does not really bring anything new to the table. Tracks like “Guidance” and “Biebs in the Trap”, are not that impressive. At some points, I felt like I was listening to outtakes of Rodeo that were unpolished and kind of boring. For the most part, this album does not show any improvement in Scott’s production or songwriting.

But I will not just sit here and knock this album down. There are high points, while they are few, they are high enough to give Travis Scott hope. The song “Goosebumps”, which features Kendrick Lamar, is a huge breath of fresh air. The melody is pretty solid, the delivery is great and it starts to create a new vibe that wasn’t present in the first seven tracks.

Without a doubt, the highest point on the album is the track “Lose.” I could not notice any differences from the single release, but that is fine, because this track is what makes the album worth the listen. The strong, loud and in your face orchestral parts add this huge amount of epicness to the track. The emotion in the vocal delivery ties it all together, and it leaves you wanting more writing like that. But unfortunately, we are not greeted with any other track like that.

This album is not the worst I have ever listened to, but there is no way it comes close to being in my top ten hip-hop records. Track after track, other than the few high points, it disappoints. I give this record a light 4/10. So Travis Scott, if you are reading this, you know which direction to head to next.