Sully Movie Review


Sully is a movie that reenacts the landing of US Airways Flight 1549 into the Hudson River. The plane was struck by a flock of birds shortly after getting into the air and lost both engines. The two pilots, Sullenberger and Skiles, had to make an emergency landing into the Hudson River. They did not have enough altitude nor power to make it to the two nearest airports.  After landing and saving everyone’s life that was involved in the process, Sullenberger was praised for his heroism.

In the movie, Tom Hank plays Captain Chelsey Sullenberger.  Aaron Eckhart plays the Co-pilot, Jeff Skiles. As the movie begins, it shows the two pilots in the cockpit, talking to the air traffic controller to see if there was anywhere close to land the plane on a runway. Sullenberger soon realizes there was no time nor altitude to do so. They complete the necessary protocol and Sullenberger announces to all the passengers, “Brace for impact.” As the movie continues, it shows the process of what the two men went through, from meeting with lawyers about the plane, to the stress that came along with the decision. The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) said the plane could have made it to one of the two airports close by, but obviously that was not an option.

This movie was rated 8/10 on IMDb. An 83% out of 100% on Rotten Tomatoes. An article written by Steph Witty, in the New York Daily News, said that the movie “never soared,” reasoning that he thought the movie was way too short at roughly an hour and a half. He would have liked to have seen and heard more about the co-pilot, Aaron Eckhart, and his journey with the situation. Manhola Dargis, from The New York Times, said that Eastwood did a great job directing the film. Clint Eastwood, who usually does heroism movies like this one, is straight and to the point. Dargis was surprised that the movie was as long as it was, given how short the time span of the actual emergency landing.

The movie was very interesting, the time flew by while watching it. Hanks and Eckhart did a fantastic job playing the pilots, and Eastwood did a great job directing, although it would have been nice if it were a little longer.