Blue Pride Marching Band Performs at Band Show


The Lisbon Blue Pride Marching Band traveled to Salem for their Band Show. The day of the band show it had been storming so all of the schools performed in the gymnasium. Five high schools and one college attended the band show. The schools were Salem, Columbiana, United, Beaver Local and Lisbon. Theil College also performed. The Lisbon Blue Pride band played three songs that included “Prologue/Little Shop of Horrors”, “Dentist/Suddenly Seymour” and the “Don’t Feed the Plants.”

Usually a band plays a song and does their drill, which is the movements to the song. In this case, it was storming all day so the bands had to perform in the gymnasium. Most bands stood from a set position and focused on the music. Beaver Local went the extra mile and performed their drill in the gymnasium, props to them for doing so because it is very difficult to do this.

The Lisbon Blue Pride Bands favorite part of the show was complimenting each band and really paying attention to the music and drill. They love hearing all the different song selections and watching all the drills.

The Lisbon Blue Pride Band are preparing their next show for the Wellsville game and for the upcoming band show.