Cross Country Runners Earn Personal Best


The Cross Country season is well under way. The team runs a variety of difficult courses through woods and up hills to normal paths. They run in hot humid weather and sometimes in very cold weather. That does not stop them though, they have a good support system with their teammates and their parents.

The runners all have continued to improve throughout the season, which is what the coaches want. There are currently two senior members on the team, Lindsey Chludzinski and Brittany Downard. Lindsey is also the captain of the girl’s team and is the top female runner for the team. Jacob Mundy is the captain of the boy’s team and is the top male runner for the team. This season some of the highlights include all of the participating runners achieving a personal best at the Boardman Invitational. A disadvantage they have is that they do not run with a full team but they make up for it by being a dedicated group of runners. We wish all of the runners the best of luck for the rest of their season.