Blue Devils Football


Lisbon David Anderson high school varsity football team is coached by Jim Tslimos. Coach Tslimos, or Coach T, has been coaching for 42 years and has been the head coach for 29 years.  He really enjoys coaching the players and working with the team. “It’s all about the bonding of the team.” Coach T and the rest of the coaching staff believe it will be a successful season. The season started out slow, playing the not-so-competitive teams, so the games were not too intense. We are now at week five and the season is half over.

After week four, Lisbon’s record stands at 4-0, as they beat East Palestine. Lisbon claims this was their best game so far this season. They came out and got on top quick and just stayed ahead throughout the entire game. Senior David Toot had two interceptions, which helped the Blue Devils to their victory.

It is now week five and the biggest game of the season. Lisbon verses South Range, and both teams are undefeated. It is also the game of the week. The stands are going to be packed to the max. Lisbon’s quarterback is senior Colin Sweeney, who has lead the team in the first four games. He does a good job running the offense and is a good leader. “Our practices are very precise and on a tight schedule. Our coaches don’t waste any time,” states Colin Sweeney.

The community believes that Lisbon will go further than they went last year. Coach T and the others have been preaching to the team that they are physically and mentally ready for this season and everything it has to offer. Now it is time for the team to believe it too. Lisbon plans to generate the communities’ interest for the program by winning and putting on a show. “So far so good. Every week is a challenge,” said Coach Jim Tslimos.