Prom – An Enchanted Evening


After spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars for one night, prom night was finally here on May 6, 2016. This is the night that everyone waits for all year long. It was the first prom for many students but for the seniors, it was their last school dance. Students were dismissed from school after 4th period to allow time to get ready for the big night. The evening began with the parade of fashions beginning at 5pm. The theme was “An Enchanted Evening.” As your name was announced, you walked through the castle which was all lit up and bigger than expected. Morgan Germanovich and Colin Sweeney were crowned the prom queen and king.

The prom was on the Gateway Clipper Fleet in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where students danced the night away on three different floors of the boat. The bottom level was set up with a buffet and then cleared to allow for dancing. Many students stayed on that floor but some students ventured to the second and third floors to dance and enjoy the views.

The after prom was at Cedar Point on Saturday in Sandusky, Ohio. The buses left at 11am and arrived at the park at 2pm. The weather changed, which made everyone happy since it did not rain as predicted. Each student had an admission ticket, a ticket for one free meal and unlimited drinks from any Coca-Cola stand. It was a fun day for everyone with lots of great memories.