Senior Wills

Senior Wills

As the seniors near graduation and end their time here at David Anderson, they wrote their wills to the underclassmen:

Jared White: My Odell Beckham ability to Justin Sweeney.

James Vaughn: My love and determination for every student in band, for music is one of the best parts of my life.

Haille Metzgar: My dancing skills in cheerleading to Jayda McCormick.

Mark McGuire: My running abilities to Brian Dickson.

Ben Gromley: My chronic senioritis to Shyanne Rendziniak.

Madison Ludlam: My dancing abilities to the uncoordinated.

Hanna Bagley: My sarcastic attitude to all the uptight underclassmen.

Emma Angle: My terrible baton skills because I don’t need them anymore.

Jaret Everett: My hunting skills to Garrett Cox so he can finally shoot a big buck.

Josh Liberati: My uncle Rico arm to Logan Bell, use it with caution.

Cody Freeland: My six best witness awards in Mock Trial to Spencer Crosser.

Austin Rutecki: My Iverson jumper to Seth Stokes so he doesn’t have to dunk every time.

Tara McDole: My confidence to underclassmen so they can have confidence in themselves.

Ashley Craver: My love of music to Kyleen Culler, Kailee Rose-Cole, and Elycia Smith.

Avery Andric: My 3 point shooting to Justin Sweeney.

Taylor Siefke: My 12 varsity letters to Karlee Pezzano so she has 24.

Hannah Hiscox: My work ethic to the upcoming seniors that will suffer from senioritis.

William Johnson: My sass for all of those who failed to stay in their lane. Xoxo

Hayle Parrish: My anxiety because I don’t want it anymore.

Spenser Cox: My snare drum to Spencer Crosser.

Sarah Haren: My love for cheering to all the upcoming cheer girls.

Christian Reiss: My sick sense of style so the underclassmen can look fresh.

Hannah Prasco: My shooting skills to Karlee Pezzano.

Alex Barnes: My defensive line skills to Jake Liberati.

Matt Chestnut: My golfing skills to Josh Entrikin.

Lucas Vollnogle: My ability to always speak my mind.

Sarah Robinson: Not my art skills because I need them.

Brandon McCallister: My CBI skills to Devon Bowers.

Brianna Pickens: My hairstyling abilities to those with 24/7 bed head.

Kayla Dickson: My prettiest eyes to Maddie Liberati.