Noah Barnes Pitches a No-Hitter


Noah Barnes pitched a no-hitter on Monday, May 2nd against Wellsville with a score of 11-0. Lisbon improved to 11-8, 5-2 in the Inter-Tri County League White Division. The following is a narrative written by Noah that describes the game:

I just went into the game calm and ready. My main goal was to just throw strikes and let them hit the ball throughout the game. My teammates kept bringing up about a no-hitter and possibly a chance of a perfect game. There were a few balls hit hard that scared me throughout the game and we had a few nice plays from my teammates David Toot and Nick Bowen.

I was becoming impatient and just wanted to get back out on the mound. My teammates came in big on the offensive end, giving me more air to breathe. I was very calm going out for what was my last inning pitched. I struck out the first batter and made a play to get the second batter out.

My heart started racing when the third batter came to the plate, knowing of the possible chance of getting a perfect game. I hit the batter on the hand and was very upset. I was so mad that I threw the next three pitches right by the last batter to get the no-hitter. It was a great accomplishment for me and hopefully will get us all excited for the tournament play.

Congratulations Noah on an outstanding performance!